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Honda introduced 3 electric bikes, you will get a great range in a single charge

Honda introduced 3 electric bikes, you will get a great range in a single charge

Japanese automobile company Honda has introduced its three electric bikes in the market. The company has now introduced its petrol-powered Honda Cub, Dax and Zoomer bikes in battery versions. Its electric versions are named as Cub e, Dax e and Zoomer e. Currently, the company has made these e-bikes for the Chinese market. There is no information about when these Electric Bikes will arrive in India or other countries.

Top speed and superb braking system

As mentioned above, all three new Honda e-bikes by the company have been specially made for the Chinese electric two-wheeler market. Looking at their top speed, these three bikes will get a speed of 25km/h. Also the new e-bikes come with telescopic front forks. The Cube E and Dax E have rear mono shocks, while the Zoomer E has twin rear shocks. The Cube E has drum brakes while the Dax and Zoomer come with rear disc brakes.

The Cube E gets 17-inch tires, round headlights and a 960Wh removable battery pack. The Honda Cub e gets a 400W motor and a riding range of 65km. Also the Honda Dax e has a 1.1kWh battery which gives it a range of 80km. This bike is powered by a 400W motor and offers a top speed of 25km/h. Whereas the Zoomer E gives a range of 90 km once fully charged. However, the information about its battery was not found. Notably, all three models have a chain-drive system and paddles.

The original Honda Cube Bike was introduced in 1958 and is notably the best-selling motor vehicle of all time. Honda has sold over 100 million units of the Cube. Now Honda has plans to introduce 10 electric motorbikes in different markets by 2025 and the company is working on it. Honda may opt for battery swapping technology for the new electric two-wheeler.